Things to do


On the farm


Where to start? The farm is full of surprises and interesting things to do. You can hike numerous trails and never leave the farm. You can sit up on one of the hills surrounding the farm and just bird watch.  You can soak up some sun in the greenhouse (nice in the winter), fish from the dock or just sunbathe. You can wildlife watch – if you are quiet and observant you can see all kinds of things. Or you can make yourself a cup of coffee and just stroll around the fields - Shirley the donkey will probably follow you and beg for a treat (her treats are in the white enamel container in the pantry – her limit is 3 treats per day).



Pamper Yourself


We are most definitely focused on health here at Second Creek and we put our expertise in that area into action at Organic Health Systems, our office in Fairfield. We offer state of the art bio-energetic testing for people wanting to feel great, not just good! We also test and balance for hundreds of issues including nutrition, fatigue, weight loss and the like. The Wintergarden Spa at Wintergreen Resort is another great option since they offer a host of spa treatments including massage, body treatments and facials. Let the men go fish while you head for the healing waters!



Go Hiking


Montebello is known for being something if a hiking mecca. The Appalachian Trail head is just a short hike from the front door of Second Creek Farm and through hikers are often seen getting off of the trail at the Fish Hatchery and walking to the Montebello Store to pick up supplies. The Priest, Maintop and Crabtree Falls Trails are all excellent nearby hiking choices. We have our own favorite trails when it comes to hiking of course (ask us about Spy Rock hike and White Rock Falls) but whether you are in the mood for a long hike or a short easy one, you'll not be disappointed.


Appalachian Trail information:

Spy Rock TrailWhite Rock Falls TrailPriest TrailCrabtree Falls Trail



Go Trout or Pond Fishing


We are passionate about our farm wildlife and our farm pond reflects that with multiple species of fish, wood ducks, mallards and even a pair of bald eagles.  The pond was built with fish habitat in mind so numerous fish structures have been incorporated into the layout. Luther has worked with fisheries experts to ensure that there were ample protected areas for fish to spawn and rear their young in. Some fish species include large and small mouth bass, red-eared sunfish, catfish, brim and trout. You have your choice of a row-boat or canoe if you want to pond fish. The pond has a dock and Adirondack chairs which make it perfect for relaxing too.


Second Creek is in the middle of trout heaven. The farm is home to over a mile of native trout streams and is surrounded by stocked streams as well. Some of the best local places to fish are the Tye River, the Pedlar River and the Piney River. Ask Luther for more information about local trout fishing. Visit the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries website for a Trout Fishing Guide, Regulations and Daily Stocking updates.


Visit the Montebello Fish Hatchery – The hatchery raises three kinds of trout for stocking, Brook, Brown and Rainbow. Trout can only be raised where temperatures are cool and the water is pure. The spring that feeds the hatchery "raceways" are vigorous and kind of neat (you can walk up beside the raceways to it). The Hatchery is one of the most visited in the state and also one of the most venerated because of its history. There is also a self guided bird trail at the entrance to the hatchery with parking nearby.



Go Skiing, Snowboarding and Tubing


The Blue Ridge Parkway itself offers some of the best cross-country skiing in the area when the Parkway closes to traffic. Skiing on the Parkway is unmatched because of the wide-open views, the wildlife sightings and pure peace and quiet you'll not find anywhere else. Wintergreen Resort also offers excellent tubing, cross-country and downhill skiing during the winter months.



Visit a Winery, Orchard or Farm Market


The area is also home to a number of wineries and orchards, most of which have on-farm markets that sell apples, peaches, berries, wine and lots of other local products. Some of the orchards have been around for generations and are an integral part of our lives here in the mountains. The wineries here make award-winning wines due to the particular climate here, and our part of Virginia is known for its craft breweries.



Go Shopping, Dining or Antiquing


Antiquing is one of our favorite things to do so we can definitely point you in the right direction. From primitives to Victorian to mid-century modern antiques, you can literally spend days antiquing in the area. Prices are generally pretty reasonable compared to other areas.


Nelson, Augusta and Rockbridge Counties all have lots of great restaurants and shops. See,,




Regardless of the season, Second Creek Farm and the surrounding area offers countless activities and adventures to fulfill your every desire. Whether it is hiking the trails in and around the farm, trout fishing in the area's pristine streams or experiencing one of Wintergreen Resort's Spa Treatments, you will find plenty to do!